The Revolution of Silent Logos: How Colours Are Becoming the New Logos

Fashion is always evolving, and the latest trend is all about using colours instead of traditional logos. This new strategy, called “silent logos,” helps brands create a unique identity that people recognise instantly. Let’s explore how some top fashion brands are making waves with this colourful approach.

Why Use Colours Instead of Logos?

Colours can make us feel different emotions quickly. For example:

  • Red makes us feel excited and passionate.
  • Yellow makes us feel happy and playful.
  • Blue makes us feel calm and trusted.

Fashion brands are now using these powerful effects of colours to stand out and connect with people.

Burberry’s ‘Knight’ Blue

Burberry has introduced a new shade called ‘knight’ blue. To make sure everyone noticed, they even painted a London Underground station in this colour and renamed it ‘Burberry Street’ for a while. Now, whenever people see this specific blue, they think of Burberry.

Gucci’s ‘Rosso Ancora’

Gucci launched a deep maroon colour called ‘Rosso Ancora’, inspired by the inside of their famous Jackie bag and a fancy hotel elevator where the brand’s founder used to work. This rich maroon colour now reminds everyone of Gucci’s luxury.

Valentino’s Pink PP

Valentino made a big splash with a bright pink called ‘Pink PP’. This pink became so popular it got its own official colour name. After Valentino used it, searches for pink clothes and accessories went up a lot, showing how effective this colour was for the brand.

How This Strategy Works

When brands use a unique colour over and over, people start to recognise the brand just by seeing that colour. It’s like a shortcut for our brains. This makes the brand memorable and helps it stand out from the crowd.

Indian Designers and Their Signature Colours

Indian designers are also using colours to create their unique identities:

  • Sabyasachi uses a bright red called vermillion, important in Bengali culture.
  • Jayanti Reddy loves royal purple, historically linked to royalty.
  • Tarun Tahiliani often uses earthy colours, reminding people of Indian soil and tradition.

Colours and Their Healing Powers

Some people believe colours can also help us feel better. For example, art therapy uses colours to help people express their emotions and find healing. Colours like turquoise can calm us, while green can make us feel more balanced.

In short, using colours as “silent logos” is a smart way for fashion brands to create a strong, memorable identity. By tapping into the emotions and meanings behind colours, brands can connect with people in a powerful way – all without needing a traditional logo.

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