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Junaid Rashid

I am a 360 degree marketer with over five years of experience in digital marketing,  I specialize in Google Ads, SEO, Social Media marketing and brand strategy. My professional journey has involved collaborating with talented teams and managing high-profile clients globally, crafting impactful marketing campaigns and innovative content strategies that drive business growth and client success.

If you have a vision, I’m here to bring it to life. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing business, I've got you covered. From web structure to UI/UX design, SEO-optimized content to web development, and comprehensive digital marketing – I’m equipped to handle it all. Share your idea and relax as your website comes to life.

My Skills

Why Hire me for next Project?

In today’s rapidly advancing digital age, leveraging technology effectively is crucial for success. Here's why I am your ideal choice for enhancing your digital presence:

  1. Diverse Digital Services: I specialize in improving your online visibility, engaging your social media audiences, and ensuring your emails capture attention.
  2. Quality Content Creation: Whether crafting detailed articles for your website or designing persuasive ads, I ensure each piece of content effectively communicates your brand’s message and engages your audience.
  3. Results-Oriented Approach: Utilizing straightforward metrics, I continuously optimize our strategies to ensure you see a real impact on your investment and business growth.
  4. Creative Problem-Solving: I bring innovative solutions to the table, helping your brand stand out and capture the interest of potential customers.
  5. Seamless Collaboration: I work in tandem with your team to align our digital marketing efforts with your overall business objectives, ensuring a unified approach.
  6. Commitment to Growth: As the digital landscape evolves, so do I. I am committed to staying updated with the latest trends and applying them to your projects.

Partnering with me means choosing a professional who not only understands the digital environment but also knows how to navigate and leverage it to benefit your business. Let’s drive your next digital venture to new heights together!

Website Structure and Content

Creating clear, engaging websites and content that enhance user experience and promote brand visibility.

Search Engine Marketing

Implementing targeted SEM strategies to boost your online presence, get leads and increase website traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimizing your website to improve search rankings and attract more organic traffic effectively.

Brand Story and Strategy

Crafting compelling brand narratives that resonate with audiences and distinguish you from competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging social media to engage audiences, build relationships, and amplify brand reach.

Email Marketing

Creating effective email campaigns that engage and convert through targeted, personalized content.

My Portfolio: Showcasing My Digital Marketing Expertise

Project 1 - United Kingdom

Daily Tuesday: Crafting a Leading UK News Platform

The technological revolution is changing aspect of our lives, and the fabric of society itself. it's also changing the way we learn and what we learn. Factual knowledge is less prized when everything you ever need to know can be found on your phone. There's no imperative to be an expert at doing everything when you can.

Project 2- United Kingdom

Daily Tuesday: Boosting Facebook Engagement

At Daily Tuesday, I spearheaded the social media strategy, focusing on enhancing Facebook engagement. Through targeted content creation, strategic posting, and active audience interaction, I successfully grew the Facebook page to 1.57K likes. This accomplishment highlights my expertise in building vibrant online communities and enhancing digital presence.


Project 3- United Kingdom

ClaimTime solicitors : Building and Optimizing a Personal Injury Law Firm's Website is a UK-based personal injury law firm. I designed the entire site structure and created all the content for the website. I also implemented SEO strategies that significantly improved its search engine rankings. Working closely with the development team, I ensured we delivered the best user experience possible. This comprehensive approach underscores my ability to drive both technical and content excellence for my clients.

Project 4- United Kingdom

ClaimTime Immigration: Enhancing Online Presence for an Immigration Law Firm

ClaimTime Immigration is an immigration law firm where I have been managing their social assets, particularly their Facebook page. I create content for posts, write regular blogs, and have implemented SEO strategies to increase visibility and improve search engine rankings. My efforts have significantly boosted the platform's online presence and engagement.

Project 5- United States

FondTravels: Leading SEO to Drive Organic Growth for a US-Based OTT Platform

FondTravels, an OTT platform based in the United States, entrusted me with leading their SEO team. Through strategic SEO and content marketing efforts, we successfully generated 350 call leads every month through organic means. This achievement demonstrates my ability to drive significant growth and engagement in highly competitive markets.

Screenshot 2024-05-26 124343

Project 6- United Kingdom

Google Ads Performance: Driving Results through Strategic Campaigns

For ClaimTime Solicitors, I managed Google Ads campaigns that generated impressive results: 1.16K phone calls and 1.66K conversions, all at a cost per conversion of £56.53. These outcomes showcase my ability to drive meaningful engagement and results for clients in the legal sector.

Project 7- United Kingdom

Driving Cost-Effective Conversions: Google Ads Success for ClaimTime Immigration

For ClaimTime Immigration, I executed a Google Ads campaign that delivered 372 calls and 1K conversions, with a cost per conversion of £22. This campaign highlights my ability to drive cost-effective results and enhance brand visibility for immigration law firms.


Project 8- Canada

FareoSky: Leading SEO Strategies for Organic Growth

At FareoSky, a Canadian OTA, I led the SEO team and successfully generated 400 phone call leads through SEO-led content marketing. This achievement underscores my ability to drive organic growth and engage audiences effectively in the highly competitive online travel sector.


Project 9- Kashmir, India

Kashmir Budget Stay: Elevating Hospitality with Strategic Marketing

Kashmir Budget Stay, a hotel booking site based in Kashmir, India, entrusted me with creating its entire site structure and content. Additionally, I lead their marketing team, driving growth strategies for the company. This role allows me to blend my creativity with strategic thinking to enhance the brand's presence and customer engagement in the competitive hospitality industry.

Screenshot 2024-05-25 150525

Project 10- Saudi Arabia

Tamayzul Hail: Building a Digital Presence for a Saudi Arabian Preschool

Tamayzul Hail, a prestigious preschool in Saudi Arabia, entrusted me with creating their website's site structure and content. This project allowed me to showcase the institution's values and educational approach online, ensuring a strong digital presence that reflects its commitment to early childhood education.

Project 11- United Kingdom

ClaimTime Immigration: Enhancing Social Media Engagement

For ClaimTime Immigration, I managed their social assets, particularly Facebook, and crafted engaging content for posts. This strategic approach increased their visibility and engagement, strengthening their online presence in the immigration law sector.

Project 12- New Delhi . India

Greetech ITC: Driving Digital Product Sales and Lead Generation

At Greetech ITC in New Delhi, India, I served as their Digital Marketing Strategist. In this role, I crafted strategies to enhance the sales of their various digital products and effectively generated leads for their platform. My work contributed to their growth and success in the competitive digital market.

Project 13- New Delhi , India

Gubbins: Elevating Visibility and Organic Leads through Content Marketing

For Gubbins, a courier delivery service based in New Delhi, India, I led the content marketing team. Through strategic content initiatives, I enhanced their visibility and significantly increased organic leads. My efforts helped Gubbins establish a strong online presence and drive growth in their competitive industry.

Screenshot 2024-05-25 152033

Project 14-United Kingdom

Cloud Innovation Partner: Driving Digital Growth and Sales Excellence

At Cloud Innovation Partner in the UK, I played a pivotal role in leading their digital marketing strategy and sales team. I crafted and executed digital marketing strategies, managed their team, and oversaw operations in India. My efforts contributed to enhancing their digital presence and driving sales growth, showcasing my ability to drive results in a global environment.

Project 15- Dubai, U.A.E

Rahat: Crafting and Developing a Savings App for Dubai

Rahat is a discount and savings app based in Dubai, UAE. I created the site structure and content for their website and led the website development with my team. This project highlights my ability to deliver comprehensive digital solutions, from conceptualization to execution, enhancing the app's user experience and functionality.


Project 16- Dubai U.A.E

Nafa: Delivering End-to-End Solutions for an Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

Nafa is an accounting and bookkeeping website service. I provided end-to-end solutions, including creating the website structure, writing the content, and developing the website with my team. This comprehensive approach ensured a seamless and efficient digital presence for Nafa, enhancing their ability to serve their clients effectively.

Project 17- United States

Nexus Education: Comprehensive Digital Solutions and Lead Generation

Nexus Education, an education and HR consultancy company, benefited from my end-to-end services. I created the website structure, wrote the content, and developed the website with my team. Currently, I am also responsible for generating leads and enhancing their brand visibility, ensuring a robust and effective online presence.

Screenshot 2024-05-29 130248

Project 18- United Kingdom

Shadow Carriage: Branding and Website Development for a UK Chauffeur Service

For Shadow Carriage, a chauffeur service based in the UK, I managed the branding and website development. My team ensured the project aligned with the client's vision, delivering a great user experience and high customer satisfaction.

Project 19- Jammu and Kashmir, India

Strategic Political Campaign Manager for Ex-Finance Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, India

I successfully managed the election campaign of Dr. Haseeb A. Drabu, the former Finance Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, India. My effective campaign strategies led to his election as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Rajpora Pulwama. Following the campaign, I served as his Public Relations Officer and constituency in-charge, ensuring continued engagement and effective communication with the constituents.

Comprehensive Pricing Packages

Essential Presence
SEO Optimization: Basic on-page and technical SEO for up to 10 pages.
Content Creation: One 500-word blog post per month.
Social Media Management: One post per month on two selected platforms.
Analytics and Reporting: Monthly SEO performance report.
Growth Accelerator
SEO Optimization: Comprehensive on-page and technical SEO for up to 20 pages, including selected off-page SEO activities like basic link building.
Content Creation: Two 1000-word blog posts per month.
Social Media Management: Two posts per month on up to three platforms.
Paid Advertising: Management of one ad campaign on a platform of choice (budget not included).
Video Creation: One promotional video per month.
Social Media Assets: Creation of two custom graphics for social media.
Analytics and Reporting: Bi-weekly reports including SEO, social media insights, and ad performance.
Market Leader
SEO Optimization: Advanced on-page, technical, and comprehensive off-page SEO activities for unlimited pages.
Content Creation: Four blog posts per month (up to 1500 words each).
Social Media Management: Four posts per month on up to five platforms, including engagement strategies like contests and polls.
Paid Advertising: Management of two ad campaigns across multiple platforms (budget not included).
Video Creation: Two high-quality promotional videos per month.
Social Media Assets: Creation of four custom graphics for social media.
Review and Reputation Management: Monthly monitoring and responding to online reviews.
Analytics and Reporting: Detailed weekly reports with actionable insights.
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